Founded by leading professionals in Family Law, Mental Health, and Wealth Management, the Southwest Colorado Collaborative Law Professionals are committed to the future success of your family.


Made up of six lawyers, five mental health professionals, and two financial professionals, our group will work to get you the best outcome for your family issues, all while keeping you and your family out of the Court process.


Collaborative Divorce

A movement that seeks to gain the best outcomes for families going through divorce, custody, and other family law issues.

The Collaborative Family Law model is drastically different from the litigation model. In collaborative law, professionals seek to end disputes using specific conflict resolution techniques. Parties meet over the course of several weeks or months in a series of meetings. These meetings are facilitated with a Collaborative Divorce Facilitator (CDF), a person who is specifically trained in collaborative law. Parties will also meet with a Financial Professional (FP) to learn about their family’s financial health and to gain an understanding of their financial options going forward. In many cases, a Mental Health Professional (MHP) is also involved to help you hone in on the children’s best interests and decide how to best move toward workable, healthy outcomes that last long into the future.

In litigation, parties rely on Judge’s decisions, and many times the outcome is between the parties’ desires and families are left to litigate issues that come up in the future. With Collaborative Law, parties reach outcomes that are healthy for their family and are specific to their own family’s issues. The collaborative process takes you though a series of meetings with a trained professionals to help your family through the process of getting to outcomes that last years.

Don’t worry, you can be angry! You can still fully discuss issues! This process does not mean you have to agree to everything proposed by the other party. The CDF will help you hone in on your real goals and how to achieve them. The other attorneys and professionals will suggest many different options, each of which you will have to time to discuss thoroughly before deciding. Even if you don’t come to a settlement, you still have the option to go to court. However, your professionals will be disqualified from litigation, to protect your rights and privacy as well as that of the other party, without specific waivers or agreements to the contrary.

The Collaborative Family Law process can allow for much more privacy. This process also has the potential to be much less costly than long, involved litigation can be in a family law matter.

It’s not just for divorces! You can handle your custody disputes and modifications using the collaborative process. There’s a better way for your family to move forward toward a different future. You can get to an outcome that works for YOU and YOUR family. Contact us to find out how.

Books on this revolutionary process:

Building a Successful Collaborative Family Law Practice, Forrest S Mosten and Adam Brian Cordover.

The Collaborative Way to Divorce: The Revolutionary Method that Results in Less Stress, Lower Costs, and Happier Kids- Without Going to Court, Stuart. G. Webb and Ron Ousky.

A Family No Matter What. The Journey to a Beautiful Divorce, Happy Children, and a Vibrant Life, Sandrine Perradin.

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Attorneys are integral to the collaborative process. They advocate for their clients while

allowing them the space to work with other professionals to reach outcomes that are best

for their family’s future. This community’s families need compassionate attorneys involved

in a more productive process!



  • Licensed in Colorado

  • Completed Level I and Level II Collaborative Trainings

  • Pay dues and attend SWCCLP meetings

  • Membership in CCDP and (suggested) IACP

Financial Professionals

Are you a professional in the financial field? Do you want to assist people in getting to

agreements that are financially feasible for their future? Our community needs you!


  • Completed Level I and Level II Collaborative Law Trainings

  • Pay dues and attend SWCCLP meetings

  • Membership in CCDP and (suggested) IACP

Mental Health Professionals

If you are a mental health professional who works with families and children, you could be

a good fit for collaborative law! Our area needs qualified professionals to assist families

through their divorce, child scustody, and modification issues. Contact us if you are




  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker or higher certification

  • Completed Level I and Level II Collaborative Trainings

  • Pay dues and attend SWCCLP meetings

  • Membership in CCDP and (suggested) IACP


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